3D Transform Scale

Provides a scale transformation of an input vertex array (XYZ points)


3D array in

Input array to transform.

3D array out

Transformed output array.


3D array mode

  • XY: the array is a set of 2D points [X1,Y1,X2,Y2,X3,Y3,...]
  • XYZ: the array is a set of 3D points [X1,Y1,Z1,X2,Y2,Z2,X3,Y3,Z3,...]
  • XYZ-Color (ILDA): the array is a set of 3D+Color points [X1,Y1,Z1,Color1,X2,Y2,Z2,Color2,X3,Y3,Z3,Color3,...] typically an ILDA frame.

scale x

Scale on the X axis.

scale y

Scale on the Y axis.

scale z

Scale on the Z axis.

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