SCRIPT MIDI Arpeggiator

Transforms an incoming MIDI note into an arpeggio.

The script does not output Note OFF, so use MIDI-Transformer module to set the note length and get Note OFF.


midi in

MIDI input flow(s).

midi out

Midi output flow(s).

transpo up

Transposition up for the second note in the arpeggio.

transpo dwn

Transposition down for the third note in the arpeggio.


Order in which your arpeggio will be played:

  • order the arpeggio will be played from the lowest note note to the highest.
  • rnd the arpeggio will be played in a random order.


Provides an inlet for the synchronization. It will influence the arpeggio speed. You can link it to any tick outlet like clock, beat-follower module.

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