Tutorial : Create Stand-Alone Application

You can transform any workspace in a stand-alone application (also called kiosk mode), to be used, for example, in teaching situations or in autonomous installations. See setup-panel-tab-kiosk. More specifically, if you do not want the user to change anything in your workspace, as it should be, for example, in interactive terminals.


In stand alone applications, only the racks and various commands/panels that you can choose, are visible.

In the following example, only the mains commands are visible and it's impossible to break down the workspace.

Example of stand-alone application

How to use

Open the setup-panel-tab-kiosk.


To preview the stand-alone application as it will be, click on toggle kiosk mode button.

toggle kiosk mode

example of stand-alone application

You have to set a password for the kiosk mode. By default the password is PROTECT. Type the password anywhere in an Usine's window to activate/deactivate the kiosk mode. You can keep the default value or define a new password. See hidden-strings.

.kiosk password

Then, set options for the stand-alone application.

application options

If you want a more precise setup for the stand-alone application, click on the edit setup button.

edit the setup

To display the **setup editor windows and modify precisely the setup of the stand alone application.

setup editor

Finally, click on the create stand-alone button to select the destination folder and to create the application.

create the application

Add several Workspaces in the stand-alone application

The stand-alone application created with the procedure above, contains only one workspace which is loaded directly at the startup. If you want to add other workspaces, just add them into the /Deploy folder with all medias (audio files, movies, pictures, etc).

On OSX, the /Deploy folder is inside the application package.


When the /Deploy contains several workspaces, the start-page is displayed. start page in kiosk mode

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