Array Find Index

Retrieves the index of a value in an array.


array in

Array input flow(s).


Value to retrieve in the array in.

Can also be an array of values, to retrieve several index at the same time. In this case the index output is an array of indexes.


Gives the indexes positions of the values. See bellow the option fill -1 if not found.

fill -1 if not found

When this option is ON, the index return array will be filled with -1 instead of nothing.

Example with :

input = 0;1;2;3;4;5
value = 9;5;3;12;-45

result if ON:

result index = -1;5;3;-1;-1

result if OFF:

result index = 5;3;

See also

version 5.2.220915

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