Laser Video to Laser

Transforms a video flow into a set of (X,Y,Z,COLOR) points that can be handled by an ILDA compatible device.

The conversion is made with a contour detection and a simplification of the image.


video in

Video input flow(s).

video out

Video output flow(s).

process time

Total time used for the calculation of the module.


Activates or deactivates the module.

xyz out

ILDA frames points coordinates a 3D array (X,Y,Z) points. Can be modified by 3D modules.

colors out

Array of colors for each point.

status out

Array of status of the laser of each point: 0 for laser OFF and 1 for laser ON.


Threshold of the contour detection.

size precision

Precision in pixel of the drawing. In other words, amount of simplification of the image.


Laser DWELL. Laser head inertia compensation. Number of "phantoms" point between lines.

min line size

Minimum line size for the drawing.

frame color

Color of the output ILDA frame (colors out).

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