Video Draw Pixel

Draw Pixel(s) on a video flow.

Coordinates X and Y are in the range [0..1] relative to the image size.

  • the point (0,0) is the upper left corner of the image.
  • the point (1,1) is the bottom right corner of the image.
  • the point (0.5,0.5) is the center of the image.



Bypasses the module.

video in

Video input flow(s).

  • Can be connected to a video-generator-fill-color module or any video flow.
  • To avoid aliasing it is recommended to use the same video resolution than the output screen.

video out

Video output flow(s).

process time

Total time used for the calculation of the module.


Points X coordinates of texts.


Points Y coordinates of texts.


Object color.

Color array is allowed.

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