Video Mix Concat

Concatenates two video flows and create a new image with the videos concatenated vertically or horizontally.

horizontal concatenation

The size of the video out is :

  • horizontal
    • new-width = video in1-width+video in2-width
    • new-height= max(video in1-height,video in2-height)
  • vertical
    • new-width = max(video in1-width+video in2-width
    • new-height= video in1-height+video in2-height



Bypasses the module.

video in

Video input flow(s).

video out

Video output flow(s).

process time

Total time used for the calculation of the module.


  • horizontal: video in2 is concatenated to video in1 on the right.
  • vertical: video in2 is concatenated to video in1 at the bottom.

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version 5.2.221206

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