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Unusual video module that can be used in 3D pixel mapping. The Idea is to create a frame made of several images (number of layers) concatenated together. The module processes all the images of a folder.

3D pixel mapping

example of video out

The output image can be sent to a video-to-color-array module and then, to a light-color-array-to-artnet to generate DMX.

It recommended to use images with the same size.


video in

Video input flow(s).

video out

Video output flow(s).

process time

Total time used for the calculation of the module.

current frame

Index of the current frame. Can be connected to a LFO module or whatever.


Output intensity.


Base folder where are stored images.

number of layers

Number of layers of the concatenated image, or more simply the number of images in the frame out.

16 layers

8 layers

number of files

Get the total number of files in the folder.

number of frames

Get the number of available frames calculated as number of frames=number of files div number of layers.


Width of the first image in the folder.


height of the first image in the folder.

Remind that all images should have the same size.

video preview out

Preview out, displayed as the addition of all layers.

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