Video Player NDI Camera

NewTek NDI Camera video flow capture module. It's only a prototype and some features are missing (like PTZ inputs). ndi-camera


Enables the NDI camera module.


List of available NDI camera available on the network. Select the camera you want to capture.

refresh list

Refresh the list of available NDI cameras.

cameras list

List of all available NDI cameras as a comma-text.


Audio output flow(s).

audio buffer size

Size of the audio buffer. Adjust it to avoid audio glitches oor on slow networks.

For a better audio quality, it's recommended to use the same Usine audio samplerate than the NDI frame samplerate (generally 48kHz).

video out

Video output flow(s).


Width in pixels of the video output frames.


Width in pixels of the video output frames.


Video output frame rate in frames per second.

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