Direct to Disk Panel

Direct to Disk allows you to record audio directly on the hard-disk of you computer and turn Usine to a powerful real-time audio recorder. See record-audio tutorial.

Drag & Drop a device or a rack you want to record onto the panel to record it.

The recording is made in a separate background process with a minimum impact (in CPU charge terms) to your current live session but it might generate audio artifacts on heavy and CPU-intensive workspaces while recording.
It generally will not be present in the output audio file that is recorded.

How to record racks and devices

On the setup-folders-tab, choose the default [recorded files] folder.

By default it's the /Music/ folder of your system.

You can Drag & Drop any racks or any audio Devices (inputs or outputs) you want record onto the panel.

To begin the recording, click the red button.

To stop the recording click the red button again.


Starts / stops the recording.

current time

Current elapsed recording time.



Clears the content of the selected object to make it empty.


record format

Audio files are recorded in 32-bit float format.

recorded files

Default path for recorded files, also available in the setup-panel-tab-folders.

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