The power of Usine come from the generic way you can customize your data and your interface to just make the sound you want the way you want. The core of this power is the module concept, which let you patch and organize your data flow in any direction with a generic approach.

To optimize or extend your patch, you can use the script language to make your own module, it's more CPU friendly than patch and easy because completely integrated in Usine.

The Brainmodular SDK is the ultimate tool to extend Usine. You can construct your own user module, you code in C++ to create any new module you can imagine.

The SDK is Open source (MIT License).

Some simple examples of User Modules are provided to quickly learn and start making your own.

More than 20 complex modules made with this SDK are distributed with Usine, like Matrix and devices. Sources are provided and are good examples of the integration.


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