Change favorites folders for your personal library, Sounds, videos, fixtures and MIDI files and for the recording, etc. Personal folders will appear in the browser-panel.


Specifies patches, racks, devices and workspaces library browser's path.


Specifies sounds library browser's path.

By default it's the /Music/ folder of your system.

video files folder

Specifies your Video files browser's path.


Specifies your other paths, Banks and MIDI files, fixtures, user modules and the the default record out for audio files.

clear images cache

Clear the /Usine/Config/Cache/ folder. The Cache folder is used for a fast access to patches, workspaces thumbnails on the start page and the browser.

clear audio peak cache

Clear the /Usine/Config/AudioPeaks/ folder. The AudioPeaks folder is used to store audio peaks files for display waveforms.

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