Preset Panel

The Preset Manager is used to store state of the associated object like patch, workspace, rack, plot, etc.


Stores a new preset.

Use the [alt+click] to rename presets.


Rewrites the current state to the selected preset.


Displays the list of presets as presets buttons, in a separated window.

To change preset order simply drag current preset to change its place in the list.

Note you can drag a preset button directly on the grid-panel to recall the preset in he grid.


fade duration

Global fade duration of the preset.


Defines the scope of the preset:

  • controls + modular wires
  • controls only
  • modular wires only


Hint text displayed on mouse over.

silent edit

Disables the trace-panel information's when a preset is recalled or stored.


load preset from file

Loads a preset file and add it to the presets list.

save preset to file

Saves the current preset to a file.

clear all

Clears all the stored presets.

clear all remotes

Clears all the remote assignations (MIDI, key learns) of the preset buttons.

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