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Professional Control solutions for multi-media installations.

Professional Audio, Video, Light control solutions

For interactive and multi-media projects including sensors and computer vision.

Usine Hollyhock

Modular software for MAC & PC.
Build your own digital environment for live performances or interactive installations.


More than 20 years of experience in projects development based on Usine's technology for advanced Audio, Light and Video installations.


Software package dedicated to the practice of music and sound arts. Strongly oriented towards new digital practices.

About us

High-Technology development and integration

BrainModular develops innovative solutions in the fields of sound, light and video as well as the programming and implementation of interactive systems. BrainModular has been developing the Usine Hollyhock software for twenty years with efficiency and reliability in mind. This offers the professional user an efficient tool for interactive installations


Interactive projects development with sensors and computer vision systems.

Software development

Specific software development for multimedia projects based on the Usine Hollyhock framework

Consulting and teaching

Consulting in high-tech systems integration. Training and support on Brainmodular tools.

Usine, the Software solutions

Usine Hollyhock is a unique piece of software which introduces several revolutionary concepts. It’s a modular environment perfect to create and customize your environnement to fit it exactly to your needs.

BrainBox, the Hardware solution

Embedded Usine in an hardware box for autonomous and dedicated installation. Get Usine Hollyhock in an ultra optimized hardware to create a stand alone and ready to play version of your workspaces.

Coming soon
Software development

Brainmodular develops softwares with the Usine's framework. MotionKit, a software dedicated to electronic music teaching, is an example of an application made with the Usine's framework

Projects conception and integration

BrainModular can design projects from preliminary studies to final realization. Advanced lightning, Surround, Motion tracking, Sensors integration. See examples on our dedicated page.


Examples of projects mades by BrainModular.


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