Audio Oscillator Analog

Multi waveforms analog emulation oscillator, top quality.



Activates or deactivates the module.

out all

Mix of all waveforms according their amplitude.

out saw

Output saw tooth waveform only.

out square

Output square waveform only.

out tri

Output triangle waveform only.

out sin

Output sinus waveform only.

out noise

Output white noise waveform only.


Frequency of the oscillator.

amplitude saw

Amplitude of the saw tooth waveform.

amplitude square

Amplitude of the square waveform.

amplitude tri

Amplitude of the triangle waveform.

amplitude sin

Amplitude of the sinus waveform.

amplitude noise

Amplitude of the white noise waveform.

pulse width

Pulse width for saw tooth, square and triangle waveforms.


Phase offset applied to the current phase position.

  • -1: -2*PI phase offset
  • +1: +2*PI phase offset
  • +0.5: +PI phase offset


Restarts the waveform from the beginning when a trigger is received.

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