Audio Oscillator VPS

Vector Phaseshaping Synthesis

The VPS oscillator takes a pair of sine waves with specified frequencies and glues them together at a specified time.

Via its two parameters - which control the frequencies of the sine waves and the location at which they are glued together - a VPS oscillator provides direct control of the waveform’s intricate harmonics.

By varying these parameters, a VPS oscillator can create a wide variety of rich sonic textures that range from clean, crisp tones to distorted leads and thick rumbles.



Activates or deactivates the module.


Audio output flow(s).


Frequency of the oscillator.


Amplitude of the signal.

smooth amplitude

Determines if the amplitude factor is smoothed to avoid audio clicks on abrupt changes.


Amount of formant effect in the waveform.

cut off

Amount of cut off effect (hi cut) in the waveform.

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