Bus Set TEXT

Sends a TEXT flow to an internal Bus.

This module can be added directly to the grid with a drag&drop from the browser.



Name of the bus.

set bus

Flow to send to the bus.


Target of the bus. Determines how the bus is accessible inside Usine.

  • global (all usine): the bus is accessible in all the patches of the workspace.
  • rack only: the bus is accessible only in the current rack.
  • top parent patch: the bus is accessible in the top parent patch and all it's sub-patchsub-patches.
  • current patch: the bus is accessible in the current patch and all its sub-patches.


Activates or deactivates the module.

send to shared computers

When ON, send the value to all connected computers.

It will appear in the binds-panel of the connected computers.

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