Data Scaling Mapper Curves

Maps the input data according to the curve form. The output value progression follows the curve form.

The mapping is compatible with audio flows so the mapper can be used to create wave-shapers.



Bypasses the module.


Input Data flow(s).


Output Data flow(s).

min in

Minimum bound of the input value.

max in

Maximum bound of the input value.

min out

Minimum bound of the output value.

max out

Maximum bound of the output data.


Mapping curve form:

  • User draw
  • Log or Expo
  • Power curve
  • Linear
  • wave shaper

The user draw type allows the drawing of user curves with the mouse directly in the panel.


Coefficient of the Log or Exp and power curve. Determines the shape of the curve.


Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.


User draw values can be set as an Array. Only in user draw mode.

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