Usine Grid Section Settings

Gets main parameters of the current grid-section-panel.

See grid-section for more info.


goto section

Sets the current section number.


Index of the current grid section.


Caption of the current grid section.

next caption

Caption of the next grid section.

previous caption

Caption of the previous grid section.

loop mode

Loop mode of the section.

  • loop : section is played in loop until you change the section manually,
  • pause : section paused at the end, and wait until you change the section manually,
  • next section : continue automatically to the next section.


Duration of the section. Depends on the format used (bars, seconds, etc.).


Time format applied to the duration.

  • seconds
  • minutes
  • milliseconds
  • cycles
  • bars
  • beats

cursor position

Current cursor position of the grid section

section color

Current color for this section

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