Control Switch

Switch module. Sends a ON value (1 by default) when ON, OFF value (0 by default)otherwise.

3 Different switches design

This module appears in sub-patches as inlet or outlet.


ON caption

Switch caption.


Switch ON color.

OFF caption

Switch caption when it's value is OFF.

ON value

Value sent when ON.

OFF value

Value sent when OFF.

null flow if OFF

Determines if the control sends a NULL flow when it is OFF instead of the OFF value.

NULL flow means, that nothing is sent to the output, like if the output wire was deleted.


Option to group this switch with other switches. Up to 16 different groups possible.

at least one

With this option ON, this switch will stay ON if all other switches of the group are OFF.


Inverses the switch value. If the switch is OFF it turns it ON and if the switch is ON it turns it OFF.

set on

Set the switch ON.

set off

Set the switch OFF.


Randomizes values or positions.

saved in preset

Determines if parameters of this object are saved in the preset-panel.

fade preset

Parameters of the this object can cross faded when you recall a preset in the grid.

Optional setting, does not appear on all objects.

can be randomized

When ON, this object will be randomized when using the randomize command of its patch.

can be reset

When ON, this object will be reseted to its default value when using the reset command of its patch.


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