Panel Container

The container is like a panel but it can contain several other interface-design modules or other containers.

It's useful if you want to group controls inside a single entity. Can be located at different places, in an other container or as stand alone window.

container with 2 switches and 1 knob

1 knob + waveform and physics-engine ON

You can only have one container per patch or sub-patch.


Example in a patch with 3 faders, 3 knobs, a container module. We create a switch that we connect to the where inlet of the container and we rename it show knobs:

Then, we set the where parameters of faders to control panel and for knobs to container.

show knobs OFF show knobs ON

Error messages

You can have an error message about container for 2 reasons:

  1. No container exist If you try to set the where option of an interface design module to container and no container exists the current or parents patches.
  2. More than one container in a patch You can't have more than one container module in a patch/ sub-patch.



Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.

select by

Selection modes for children objects in touch screen mode.

  • exact position: you have to touch an object in order to select it.
  • nearest: selects the closest, not yet selected, object.
  • nearest and move: selects the closest, not yet selected, object. Then move it at the position of your finger.


Hit text displayed on mouse over

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