Panel Draw Trajectory

Panel to draw 2D path and also a simple way to store a list of XY coordinates.

You can draw a trajectory on the panel and select a particular point by its index to retrieve its coordinates.

The drawing is stretched if you resize the panel. X and Y coordinates are expressed from 0 to 1, relative to the panel dimension.


nb points

Total number of point stored in the trajectory.

cursor pos

Position of the cursor and selected point index

  • cursor pos <= -1 : no point selected
  • cursor pos < nb points : point at corresponding cursor pos is selected
  • cursor pos >= nb points : no point selected

    next point

    Increments the cursor pos by 1.

pos X

X coordinate of the cursor pos point

  • from 0 : left
  • to 1 : right

pos Y

Y coordinate of the last selected point

  • from 0 : top
  • to 1 : bottom


Clear the trajectory.


Randomizes the trajectory with a random lissajous path.

coords in X

Coordinates X input.

coords in Y

Coordinates Y input.

coords out X

Coordinates output X.

coords out Y

Coordinates output Y.

To create an XYZ array use the array-combine module with 3 inputs.

inverse Y axis

When activated, pos Y output is inverted and goes from bottom (0) to top (1).

close path

Determines if the path is automatically close, the last point is automatically joined to the the first point.

opened path

closed path

point to point mode

Ensures the backward compatibility with previous HH version. Lines are not smoothed when points are created with [mouse down].

saved in preset

Determines if parameters of this object are saved in the preset-panel.

fade preset

Parameters of the this object can cross faded when you recall a preset in the grid.

Optional setting, does not appear on all objects.

can be randomized

When ON, this object will be randomized when using the randomize command of its patch.


Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.


Hit text displayed on mouse over

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