Conversion Frequency to MIDI Note

Convert frequency to MIDI note according a scale and a root.



Frequency to convert


Frequency converted (MIDI note)


Harmonic scale. Force the output to be in the scale.

See your favorite Harmony handbook.

  • chromatic
  • major
  • minor
  • whole tone
  • diminished
  • augmented
  • minor harmo
  • minor melodic
  • major harmo
  • messiaen limited M2
  • messiaen limited M3
  • messiaen limited M4
  • messiaen limited M5
  • messiaen limited M6
  • messiaen limited M7

float note

Note output as a float number, not rounded. For example 430Hz will give 68.602, MIDI note 68 + 0.602 of micro-tuning.


Root of the scale.

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