MIDI Get Message

Retrieves MIDI messages informations.



Bypasses the module.

midi in

MIDI input flow(s).

midi out

Midi output flow(s).


Channel of the MIDI message.


Type of the the MIDI message.


Code1 and code2: first and second data of the MIDI message. Depending of the message type.
For example code1 = ControlChange number).

See MIDI implementation for more info.

wait cycles

Minimun number of calculation blocs between two MIDI messages are sent to the output.

Can be used to thinning transmission to external midi devices to avoid potential skipped messages or MIDI port overload when sending bursts of many messages at once. A calculation bloc (128 samples) last around 3 milliseconds, see setup-audio


Sends 1 value when a MIDI message is received.


The Unpack option transforms a polyphonic flow to monophonic.
For example, if two MIDI Notes arrive at the same time, Usine delays the second note a little to always create monophonic signal.
With this new MIDI flow, you can apply any math transformations you want because the MIDI flow become almost like a normal data flow.

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