MIDI Split

Splits the incoming MIDI messages NOTEOFF, NOTEON, KEYAFTERTOUCH, CONTROLCHANGE, by their data1 values, and sends them to several outputs.

For note messages, data1 is the note number and data2 is velocity, while for control changes data1 is the controller number (eg Mod Wheel = CC1) and data2 is the actual control value.


midi in

MIDI input flow(s).

midi out

Midi output flow(s).

  • MIDI out 1 for data1 values < split num 1 point.
  • MIDI out 2 for data1 values >= split num 1 and < split num 2 points.
  • etc.

split num

Split point. If the incoming data1 value is higher (or equal) than the split point, it will be sent to the output num+1.

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