MIDI Transformer (Pitch, Gain, Length)

Adjusts the pitch, volume, length and scale of MIDI NOTE messages.



Bypasses the module.

midi in

MIDI input flow(s).

midi out

Midi output flow(s).


Harmonic scale. Force the output to be in the scale.

See your favorite Harmony handbook.

  • chromatic
  • major
  • minor
  • whole tone
  • diminished
  • augmented
  • minor harmo
  • minor melodic
  • major harmo
  • messiaen limited M2
  • messiaen limited M3
  • messiaen limited M4
  • messiaen limited M5
  • messiaen limited M6
  • messiaen limited M7

for user scale see bellow.


Root of the harmonic scale.


Duration of the MIDI note ON message (in ms). Creates a MIDI NOTE OFF message to stop the resonance of the note.

For 0 it does no duration modification.

length mode

  • constant length: The output notes will have a constant length defined by the length parameter.
  • maximum length: Ensure that the output notes length will never exceed the value defined by the length parameter.

Has no effect if length=0


Pitch transposition value (in half-tone).


Gain applied to the NOTE OFF messages.


Sends a 1 value each time a new MIDI message is transformed.


Channel of the MIDI message.

user scale

When scale is set to user scale, defines the set of available notes as an array of the following integers:

  • 0: tonic
  • ..
  • 3: minor third
  • 4: major third
  • 5: fourth
  • 7: fifth
  • ..
  • 10: minor seventh
  • 11: major seventh

for example the user scale can be:

  • chromatic : [0;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10;11],
  • major : [0;2;4;5;7;9;11],
  • altered : [0;1;3;4;6;8;10].

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