Network Receive Bytes

Receives Bytes array from the network.

Not necessary an OSC message.



Sends 1 value when a new data is received.

on change

  • if activated, the data 1..N values are sent only when they have changed. (sent only one time, and nothing otherwise)
  • if not activated, the data 1..N keep and hold the last received value.

byte array

Contains the all the incoming byte value packed as an array.


Filter apply: receives only data’s from the specified IP.

Use for no filter.

port filter

Input port number of incoming messages to filter.

Set 0 for no filter, and let passes all incoming messages.

fast mode

When this option is activated, all incoming data's are queued into the data's array outlet.

This can be useful to handle high speed OSC flows and be sure that Usine receives all the data's within a BLOC time.

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