Network Send Bytes

Send a byte array directly (without any OSC tag).

Can be used to send text or binary data’s on a network.

This module can be added directly to the grid with a drag&drop from the browser.

Send audio

It's not really recommended but, if we consider that an audio flow is no more no less than an array of data's, you can use OSC to send audio to another computer. ...don't expect miracles...

Proceed exactly as for a data array.

source computer and target computer

Source and target computers must have the same BLOC size. See setup-audio.


ip name

IP address of the remote computer (to send data).

Active only if the broadcast option is OFF.


  • If this option is activated, the OSC message is sent to all the computers connected to the local network.
  • If not activated the message is sent at the address specified in the ip name field.
    broadcast or not ?

    In OSC when you want to send a data to another computer you normally have to know the network (IP) address of the destination. Something like

    The problem is that, by default, routers are configured to allocate IP addresses dynamically. In other word their IP aren't fixed and can change if, for example, you have to reboot one of your computer or your router. When broadcast is ON data's are sent to all the computers of the network at the same time whatever their IP address. So you don't have to deal with IP addresses and you're sure that all the computers will receive the message.

    The main drawback is that if you have 20 computers connected you'll probably overload the network.

    So if we resume broadcast ON is cool for small networks, let say, less than 10 computers. For larger networks, disable this option (OFF) and use the IP address field to set the destination of the message.


Remote Port destination number of the message.


Sends the message when it recieves a 1 trigger.

bytes array

Bytes array to send.

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