Plug-ins Settings (USER MODULE)

Plug-ins common settings.

show editor

Opens or hides the plug-in GUI.


When ON, the form stays always visible. Otherwise, you have to dbl-click on the module to display the form.


Bypasses the plug-in processing. The plug-in becomes a simple stereo audio thru.


Audio input flow(s).


Audio output flow(s).

midi in

MIDI input flow(s).

Can be used to send MIDI messages to the plug-in. For example MIDI notes on/off to a synthesizer.

midi out

Midi output flow(s).

To receive MIDI messages from the plug-in.


Plug-in presets available. You can recall presets directly in Usine if supported by the Plug-in.


Gives an approximation of the plug-in latency.


Array of all parameters values (to set or get) if supported by the Plug-in.

params names

comma-text which contains all the parameters names.

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