Video Player IP Camera

Plays IP video stream, from Internet or IP camera with simple settings.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to stream videos from Youtube, or Dailymotion (disabled by servers).



Activates or deactivates the module.

IP address

IP address of the video stream to play. See examples below.

example for IP camera
stream : stream : rtsp:// stream : rtsp://admin:password@

example 1 for IP stream
stream : rtsp://

example 2 for IP stream
stream : rtsp://


Forces the reconnexion of the IP stream.

useful if it has been disconnected.

use TCP

When ON, the player uses the TCP protocol to get video flows. When OFF, it uses UDP.

video out

Video output flow(s).


Output ntensity.

size reduction factor

Reduction size factor applied to the original size of the video.

  • 1: no size reduction
  • 3/4: reduction by 3/4
  • etc.

This is useful to

  • reduce the size of video and therefore reduce the CPU consumption of video filters,
  • fit to the output display resolution.

This can reduce efficiently the number of pixels to process in the video flow and then reduce the CPU load of video effects.

A 1920 × 1080 (2073600 pixels per frame) video with a size factor of 2/3 gives a 1280 x 720 resolution (921600 pixel per frame) so the CPU load will be reduced by 50%.


Video resolution width (once reduction factor applied).


Video resolution height (once reduction factor applied).

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