SUB-PATCH Data Generator Random Trigger

Generates a trigger according to synchronization speed and density parameters.

Typically can be connected to the play inlet of a sampler module. to produce random patterns.



Synchronization options which determines the whay the object is triggered, or the sequence is played.

Generally the following options are available:

  • button: when the button play receives a 1 trigger,
  • interval: according the interval fader,
  • duration: according the duration fader,
  • loop: the sequence is played in a loop mode,
  • cycle: each beginning cycle,
  • bar: each beginning bar,
  • beat: each beat,
  • 8th: each 1/8th,
  • etc.


Generation density. From 0 (nothing sent) to 1 (always sent).


Output Data flow(s).

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