Global Array COLOR Get Value

Get the color value of a global array at a specified index.



Name of the global array.

name suffix

Defines if a suffix is added automatically at the end of the name to produce names like MYARRAY-1, MYARRAY-2,etc.

  • no suffix
  • poly voice num - 1: number of the voice in a poly sub-patch.
  • rack num - 1: number of the current rack.
  • patch num - 1: number of the current patch.

old names

List of alternate names for the global-array as a comma-text. Use this field if the global-array has been renamed and you want to ensure a backward compatibility of files and presets. If the global-array values can't be retrieved during the loading procedure (because its name has changed), Usine will lookup into the list of old names.


Index of the value in the global array.

auto index

Defines if the index is set automatically according the following options

  • no auto index, the index is set manually.
  • poly voice num - 1: index is the poly sub-patch voice number -1 (starting by 0).
  • rack num - 1: index is the current rack number -1 (starting by 0).
  • patch num - 1: index is the current patch number -1 (starting by 0).

this inlet can be an array for multiple input values.


Value(es) of the global array at the index(es).

add pass if changed at the output

When ON, this module has a pass-if-changed behavior, which means that the output is set only if the value has changed.

this option is equivalent to this patch

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