Global Array STRING Set Comma Text

Sets all values of a string global array as a comma-text.



Name of the global array.

name suffix

Defines if a suffix is added automatically at the end of the name to produce names like MYARRAY-1, MYARRAY-2,etc.

  • no suffix
  • poly voice num - 1: number of the voice in a poly sub-patch.
  • rack num - 1: number of the current rack.
  • patch num - 1: number of the current patch.

old names

List of alternate names for the global-array as a comma-text. Use this field if the global-array has been renamed and you want to ensure a backward compatibility of files and presets. If the global-array values can't be retrieved during the loading procedure (because its name has changed), Usine will lookup into the list of old names.

comma text

Entire global array input as a comma-text

add pass if changed at the input

When ON, this module has a pass-if-changed behavior, which means that the input is set only if the value has changed.

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