Plot Panel

The Plot Panel is the place where you put fixtures to describe your light environment. A plot can handle only 1 universe, so 512 channels.

Usine can handle several plots at the same time. Each plot is calculated independently and is associated to an Artnet Universe or an USB device.

Displays all the DMX channels used in the plot.



Clears the content of the selected object to make it empty.


Opens a file of the selected object saved previously.

save as

Saves the selected object as a file with a new name.


Undo the last operation.


Redo the last operation.

create fixtures group

Adds a new fixtures-group to the current plot.

clear set

Clears all the plots of the current workspace.

open set

Opens a set of plots previously saved.

save set as

Saves all the plots as a set.



Enables or disables disable the plot panel

When disabled the plot is not calculated


Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.

universe num

Art-net universe number. See Art-net DMX specifications for more info.

In Usine the first universe is 0.

ArtNet IP address

IP address of the connected ArtNet device.

Set this to for localhost.

ArtNet broadcast

All ArtNet packets are sent in broadcast mode (to all connected clients). Depending on the router this option can cause much slower speeds. This option is only necessary under certain conditions where a broadcast is required.

ArtNet broadcast mask

Mask used when broadcast is activated.

Can be used to restrict the broadcast range.

ArtNet always send

When ON Usine always send ArtNet DMX packets on the network according the setup-panel-tab-light DMX framerate, even if nothing has changed. Otherwise (when OFF) packets are sent only if a value has changed changed.

ArtNet devices

List of all ArtNet devices available on the network.

Click on the available device to set the IP address.

IP per universe

This option can be used if the plot is a target of a video-pixel-mapper module and you want to assign different IP's to universes in ArtNet. For example if the universe 0 is assigned to the IP, the universe 1 to, etc. you can enter:


For all other universes (which are not in the list) the default ArtNet IP address defined above is used to send the ArtNet packet.

USB device

Number of the USB device (as shown in the setup-panel-tab-light outputs), where DMX packets are sent for this plot.

start test ArtNet

Launches a test procedure of the ArtNet network. It sends a slow chaser on all channels of the current plot.

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