• Type: group playing.
  • Controllers: keyboard, mouse, touch screen.


Keyboard is a sampler for collective thought and practice using the physical keyboard of the computer. Eight distinct sounds can be triggered by QSDFGHJ and K keys The keys on the top (AZERTYUI) play the same sounds, but twice as fast (on the upper octave), while the keys below (wxcvbn,;) play sounds twice more slowly, and therefore the lower octave. The backspace key to play sound backwards.‬


Extinguish all the keys.

Mode activation reverse: playing sounds backwards.


Keyboard Choosing the type of keyboard, AZERTY, QWERTY, etc.

Changing sounds

To change sounds of Keyboard, you can directly drag and drop Files from the File Manager (Windows) or Finder (MACOSX) on color boxes.

Change the sounds by a drag and drop:

You can also double click on the color boxes to display the list editor and edit the files manually:


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