Handling presets

Each instrument features several presets. Each preset is a different version of the instrument with different settings, which will produce various sounds.

Preset recall

On displayed instruments containing presets you will see the following panel :

This indicates that there are potentially eight available presets numbered 1 to 8. Do not hesitate to test all of them by clicking the corresponding number.

Saving a preset

It may be interesting to create your own presets. This is an excellent way to foster creativity by allowing saving different versions (or settings) of an instrument.

To save a preset, first click on the button 'S'. The backup mode is activated when the button turns red as in the figure below.

Once the backup mode enabled, then click preset number to « save ». In the example below the current settings will be saved in the preset # 1. The old preset will be replaced with the current settings of the instrument.

Once the presets saved it is recommended to save the entire tool so that they are again accessible to the next reopening of the application. Without a backup, the modified presets will be permanently lost at the closure of the instrument.


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