Matrix Groove

  • Type: Creative
  • Controllers: mouse, touch screen.


Matrix Groove is a drum Box in which four sounds can be combined very precisely in a sequencer whose length is adjustable. This instrument is ideal for imagining complex rhythmic sequences where all parameters can be edited by the user.


Clear the changes, leave an empty matrix.

Choice rhythmic cutting, ranging from quarter note to half note.


  • Size Number of columns of the matrix.
  • Swing Amount of effect of "swing" (a ternary division of time).

Modifying the matrix

To change the template, click the cell and adjust the intensity of the color (and therefore the volume) by moving the mouse up and down. The more intense the color is intense, the louder the sound.

Changes in the cells of the matrix:

Parameters of sounds

Sounds setting areas:

Each sound has a manipulation panel including 4 zones:

  • 1. Handling of the sound file (see Modification of sound files below),
  • 2. Changing the panning (right or left) horizontally; changing the volume vertically,
  • 3. Changing the pitch,
  • 4. Enable / disable reading.

Modification of sound files

Displays the list editor for the choice of sound.

Skip to the previous or next in the list.

Locking the box to prevent changes.

A..B Selecting the portion of the sound to play, adjustable by changing the small triangles positions.


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