Various settings and commands for expert users.

startup options

Various option applied when Usine starts.

full screen

Opens the main interface in full screen when Usine starts.

auto play

Turns the main process engine ON automatically.

auto play Grid

Starts the grid-panel automatically.

Only if the grid is not empty.

show grid

Opens the grid-panel automatically.

Only if the grid is not empty.

show interface builder

Opens the interface builder automatically.

on shutdown

Various option applied when Usine quits.

save setup on quit

Determines if the configuration files is automatically saved when Usine quits. Disable for special installation to be sure that the original setup will never be lost if the user has changed it.

clean usine on quit

Determines if Usine is cleaned on quit. If disabled Usine will quit much faster but, with some workspaces, will not be destroyed properly by the Operating System.

Layout tweak

settings panel width

Width of the items in the settings-panel.

extended accents char set

Extends the characters set to resolve some compatibility of file names with special characters.

Mac OSX only

bezier curves in patches

Choose between smooth Bezier or straight curves in the patch-editor-panel.

Bezier curves enabled

Bezier curves disabled

smooth cpu values in patches

Enable or disable the smoothing of CPU consumption values in the patch-editor-panel.

CPU consumption smooth enabled smooth disabled

disable remote hilite

Draws a square when a control is modified by a remote, network, or record.

When OFF, can reduce graphic engine load on high remote context.

disable warning on locked objects

Disables the trace warning when you try to modify a locked object (ie. step-panel).

disable mouse over effect

Enables the color animation when a control is hoovered.

disable internet connection

Disables the internet connection of Usine.

disable hints

Disables display of hints strings.

When ON, hints strings on modules are also disabled.

disable hints on modules

Disables display of hints strings on modules in the patching panel.

disable tips display

Disables display of tips strings.

disable locate audio files

Disables the locator-panel when media files are missing in the workspaces, racks and patches. Missing files will be ignored.

adapt audio files pitch to sample rate

Ensure that the pitch of audio files is correct whatever the sound card sampling rate.

disable draw selection square

Do not display the white square around selected objects.

export separated rack/patch

If this option is activated, when you export a workspace, Usine will create folder with all patches and racks exported as individual files.

disable upgrade message

Disables the message "this patch/workspace has been created with a newer version of Usine, please upgrade".

Usine will not verify that the workspace/patch you want to load is compatible with the current version.

Be aware that, generally, newer workspaces/patches are not compatible with an old version of Usine and can't be loaded properly.

max nb opened files

Maximum number of opened files in Usine. On OSX a process can open only 256 files at the same time (ie: audio files with the stay-on-disk option or video files). To ensure Usine's stability, you must keep the limit under the maximum allowed. more info

convolver panel

Opens the convolver panel.


god mode

Adds various options and tweaking commands like save screen shot, gives an access to additional settings and displays more internal error messages. It also activates the debug mode of Usine. Various intern error messages will be displayed but Usine will be slower.

extended objects address

Extend the objects-address to all the settings of the object (not only usual parameters).

on large workspaces enable this option can slow down Usine, especially scripts.


test memory capacity

Try to allocate as much as possible memory to verify the real available memory.

There is a Possibility that it crashes Usine...

benchmark mono-core

Launch a speed calculation test, mono-core CPU oriented, of your computer, compared to a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7.

benchmark multi-core

Launch a speed calculation test, multi-core CPU oriented, of your computer, compared to a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7.

cpu stress

Launch a CPU stress procedure (try to use 100% of CPU).

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