What's new in HH5

HH5 contains more than 500 improvements of the interface and modules optimisations.


  • Usine is now available in different versions:
    • Free : free but limited number of patches and racks and less customization options.
    • Starter: affordable price with more racks and patches, addons, some customization options,
    • Pro: unlimited version, and complete customization,
    • Expert: unlimited with extra workspaces debug tools and export of workspaces as stand-alone applications.
  • New menu command on the workspace to merge two workspaces in one. The racks of a second workspace will be added to the current workspace,
  • Many design and layouts improvements,
  • Hardware acceleration option on MacOSX,
  • Possibility to export a workspace as a stand alone application.


A new usine-grid-module will allow to have several grids running at the same time. And also the possibility to have a grid-panel inside the main grid-panel! grid-module example of a grid inside the main grid

New section selector in the The grid-panel to access to sections directly, useful if your project contains many sections.



HH5 becomes now 3D compatible, many new 3D objects:

and a new 3D 3d-viewer.

3d-viewer 3d viewer


The Video engine fluidity has been improved and the output device is now fully hardware-accelerated. Usine can handle up to 8 screens display in 4K resolution.

New OpenGL Shader module compatible with single pass interactive shader format, shadertoy, glsl sandbox shaders with generally few adaptations. shader-example

Support of OpenGL Interactive Shader Format (ISF) shader-isf

New video modules:


New set of audio modules for creative synthesis or transformation. Usine is now ready for 3D audio.

WFS calculation with a new multi-delay module (containing amplitude and time array inputs). See audio-delay-amplitude-time-multi.

A fast zero latency convolution engine is now available in Usine as well as professional parametric EQ.

ReverbConvolver reverb-convolution
ReverbGenerator reverb-generator
audio-filter-parametric-eq parametric-eq

Interface Design

Many new interface modules and improvements.

fader vertical fader-vertical
play switch play-switch
switch double switch-double
fully customizable array editor data array-editor
fully customizable array editor string array-editor-string
fully customizable matrix matrix
draw trajectory spline 2D and 3D spline
meta surface 2D and 3D meta-surface
ruler panel ruler
separator panel separator
xyz draw and pad 3D xyz-pad


Some new hi-level network modules like TCP Client/Server, MQTT-client, Modbus-TCP, Web-Socket, Json Parser, etc.

Global Array

Global-array concept very helpful in complex workspaces environnements, has been introduced in HH5. It provides an efficient way to share global values (data, color, string) inside a workspace or the network. The main advantages are:

  • global values shared in all the workspaces,
  • very simple and CPU efficients,
  • can be automatically shared with connected computers,
  • can be automatically assigned to OSC messages on receive and send,
  • can be saved independently as files containing all values or only part of them.

See global array tutorial.


Inspector panel

A new window to search modules in all opened workspaces or to watch content of global-arrays. See inspector-panel.


More than 100 new Modules

version 5.2.221206

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