Usine Patch Settings

Retrieves and set various settings of the current patch.

See Control Panel for common settings.


saved in preset

Determines if parameters of this object are saved in the preset-panel.

fade preset

Parameters of the this object can cross faded when you recall a preset in the grid.

Optional setting, does not appear on all objects.

show when active on grid

Determines if the the rack or the patch is automaticaly maximized when it's active on the grid and minimized when inactive.

can be randomized

When ON, this object will be randomized when using the randomize command of its patch.

can be reset

When ON, this object will be reseted to its default value when using the reset command of its patch.


Undo the last operation.

recalling preset

Sends value if Usine is currently recalling a preset, 0 otherwise.

current preset num

Current preset number.

recall current preset

Recalls the current preset number.

comma text

Outputs a list of all presets names as a comma-text.

randomize patch

Randomize all the patch parameters.


Sends 1 when randomizing the patch.

reset patch

Reset all the patch parameters to their default value.


Sends 1 when reseting the patch.

edit patch

Opens the patch edition window.


Minimizes the Control Panel of the current patch.


Maximizes the Control Panel of the current patch.

toggle minimized state

Toggles the minimized state of the Control Panel of the current patch.

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