Fixtures Group Panel

Group of several fixtures which are aggregated together to appear as a single fixture (compact mode ON) or with all parameters expanded (compact mode OFF) To create a group select the plot-panel and on the menu click on create group.

Then you can add any fixtures in the group by a simple drag&drop.

Note: All members of a group should be of the same type. For example it's not advised to create a group with RGB-led and RGBW-led together.



Renames the selected object. Alternative to [alt-click] on an interface-design module, or any panel, to change its caption.


Deletes the selected object and copies it in the clipboard.


Duplicates the selected object.



Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.


Determines if the group is seen as a single entity with common parameters or with all parameters expanded.

In the example above with 4 simple fixtures group:

compact non-compact
all parameters are grouped together and the
group appears with a single parameter
all parameters of the 3 fixtures are displayed


List of available parameters.

Note: In Usine, all fixture's parameters are in the range [0..1], Note: to be compatible with most of built-in modules.

see all parameters

Determines if the range values of dmx channels are visible and if each possible value is available as an independent parameter.

item's range value hidden item's range value visible

reset parameters

Reset all parameters to their default values.

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