Preset Panel

The Preset Manager is used to store state of the associated object like patch, workspace, rack, plot, etc.


Stores a new preset. Note: Use the [alt+click] to rename presets.


Rewrites the current state to the selected preset.


Displays the list of presets as presets buttons, in a separated window.

Note: To change preset order simply drag current preset to change its place in the list. Note: Note:

Note: Note you can drag a preset button directly on the grid-panel to recall the preset in he grid.


Activate the rewrite mode to overwrite a preset.


List of available preset as combobox. Note: Use the [alt+click] to rename presets.

next preset

Recall next preset in the list.

previous preset

Recall previous preset in the list.


fade duration

Global fade duration of the preset.


Defines the scope of the preset.

  • controls + modular wires
  • controls only
  • modular wires only


Hint text displayed on mouse over.

silent edit

Disables the trace-panel information's when a preset is recalled or stored.


load preset from file

Loads a preset file and add it to the presets list.

save preset to file

Saves the current preset to a file.

clear all

Clears all the stored presets.

clear all remotes

Clears all the remote assignations (MIDI, key learns) of the preset buttons.

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