Error & Warning Messages


w001 - this item already exists

Attempt to drop a device or a rack in rack-input-panel or rack-input-panel which already has been added. Duplicated items are not allowed.

w002 - nothing to record

Trying to record with the direct-to-disk-panel but this one is empty, so there is nothing to record. The solution is to add on the direct-to-disk-panel at least one device, or rack.

w003 - clipboard empty

Trying to use the paste command [cmd+v] but with an empty clipboard.

w004 - edition disabled on this control

Trying to [Double click] on a disabled fader or knob. The solution is set the edit enabled property ON.

w005 - the object is locked

The object is disabled or locked (edit enabled property OFF) and can't be modified.

w007 - unable to undo

Impossible to undo with the [cmd+z], probably because the undo history is empty.

w008 - unable to redo

Impossible to redo with the [shift+cmd+z], probably because the redo history is empty.

w009 - nothing selected

Attempt to use a delete command but nothing is selected, so there is nothing to delete...

w010 - a Mixer already exists for this rack

Attempt to drop a rack on the mixer-panel which already has been added. Duplicated items are not allowed.

w011 - the control is not in a rack

The control can't be located in a rack because it hasn't a parent rack. Typically because the control is in a device patch.

w012 - the container or popup module doesn't exist

The control can't be located in a popup or container because there is no popup or container in the patch (or parent patch).

w013 - patch sharing is not activated in the setup

Attempt to share a patch over the lan without activate the share option in the setup.

w014 - bind out of range

The value assigned to a bind must be in the range [0..1]. the solution is to activate the auto calibration or verify the range before send the value to a bus or deactivate the add to bind list (by default buses are added to the bind list).

w015 - OSC learn out of range

The OSC value received and assigned with osc learn is not in the the range [0..1]. Must be in this range when the OSC mode is set to in [0..1]

w016 - this control can''t be recorded

Attempt to record an automation on a control which can't be recorded for many reasons. Generally because they are read only or in the settings-panel.

w017 - not allowed to rename

The current control can't be renamed with a [alt+click]. Generally because they are read only or in the settings-panel.

w018 - scan aborted

The browser search (scan) has been canceled by the user. Typically by pressing a key during the scan procedure.

w019 - invalid path in FileLister module

The path parameter of the file-lister is invalid.

w020 - invalid filename

The module load-workspace, load-rack or load-patch has an invalid filename parameter and can't be processed.

w021 - ID recreated

After a Recreate ID's procedure some ID's have changed and so, some presets can be lost.

w022 - unable to convert script

Conversion error during the importation of an old version Script to the new Fast Script. See compatibility-note for more information.

w023 - artnet DMX is limited to 512 channels

Attempt to send an ArtNet DMX value on a channel above the 512 allowed. Values above this limit are ignored.

w026 - no external editor defined in the setup

You try to edit an audio file but no external editor is defined in the setup.

w030 - preset number doesn't exist

You try to store a preset number which doesn't exist in the preset manager module, a new preset will be created.

w031 the grid is locked

You can't move objects on the grid because it's locked. Unlock the grid.

w032 Video Device In module is not in a Video In Device patch

You attempt to add a Video In device Module in a patch which is not a device Patch. The module will not work. See video-tutorial.

wSDK100 invalid color number

A user module try to get an Usine-Color which doesn't exist.

w033 size clipboard empty or invalid

Only in god mode, you try to paste a control size but the clipboard is empty.

w034 no access to internet

You have no access to internet. So addons, registering, manual will be inaccessible.

w035 feature unavailable in this version

You try to use a feature which is not available in this Usine's version.

w036 invalid device in MSC-create module

You try to create an MSC message with the MSC-create module but the output device is invalid.

w037 no enabled node selected

You try to change the settings of nodes in the pixel-mapper module but nothing is selected

w038 reverse mode not allowed with samples 'on disk'

It's impossible to play audio files in reverse when they are located 'on disk'. The have to be 'in memory'.

w039 audio file re-sampled, it deteriorates performances

The sampling rate of the audio file is different from the audio sound card sampling rate. The file is re-sampled on the fly.

w040 potential camera conflict, disable cameras in the video setup

You use the Device-Input-Video in a patch and it can be in conflict with a camera activated in the /setup/video/. Disable all cameras in the setup.

w041 potential tempo conflict between connected computers

Several computers in the network are sending tempo information's at the same time. There is a conflict. see /setup/network/send-tempo-and-synchro-info and disable it.

w042 the video file can't be converted

Usine cant convert video file, probably a special character in the file name.

w043 the Modular module can't be in popup, top header, toolbox, IB only

Unfortunately, the modular inlet/outlet must be located in the workspace, rack or patch and not in an external popup or window.

w044 Network is not activated in the setup

You try to send infos on the network but it's not activated in the setup. Activate network in the setup-panel-tab-network.

w045 No server available

Something wrong in the network setup, probably no output port available. Activate network in the setup-panel-tab-network.

w046 The audio buffer size is too large to handle video or DMX properly

The light or video engines need a buffer size less than 512 to work smoothly. Try to reduce the buffer size in the setup-panel-tab-audio.

w047 invalid time format in time control.

Invalid date format applied in the time control of the workspace-panel. It should be HH:MM:SS.

w048 the patch contains several info editor modules

The patch you are loading contains several patch-info-editor, only 1 is allowed.

w049 invalid video record path

The path defined in the video-recorder module is invalid. Usine will use the default system path.

w150 the number of racks is limited on this version
w151 the number of grid sections is limited on this version
w152 the number of patches is limited on this version
w153 This patch can't be edited on this version

You use a limited version, try to upgrade your version.

w200 please activate debug mode to enable fixed location

You must be in debug mode to activate fixed location of scripts.

w101 global array already exists

You try to create a global array which already exists in the workspaces. Try to rename it.


e001 - unable to get addons list

Usine can't access to the server to get addons list. You're not connected to Internet or the Brainmodular server is temporary down.

e002 - unable to create temp file

Usine try to create a temporary file in directory /temp without success. The directory is write protected, your disk is full, your disk is corrupted, a conflict occurs with "Dropbox like" applications.

e004 - unable to convert mp3 file

Conversion process error of file to MP3 format.

e005 - unable to read audio file

For some reasons Usine cant read the content of the audio file. The file is corrupted

e006 - empty file or not in memory

You try to save an empty audio file.

e007 - unable to rename or copy the file

For some reasons it's impossible to rename or copy the selected file

  • the directory is write protected
  • your disk is full
  • your disk is corrupted
  • a conflict occurs with "Dropbox like" applications
e008 - bad audio file header

The audio file is not valid, in an unsupported format or corrupted.

e009 - out of memory

No more memory available on your computer. Be aware that on 32bits versions Usine shouldn't be bigger than 3GB in memory.

e010 - audio driver not started, please choose it in the setup

The audio driver has not started or is not selected in the setup/audio.

e011 - file not found

The file you attempt to open is not found in the original location.

e012 - invalid inlets

Usine try to connect wires to unexpected in/outlets. Generally a compatibility issue with very old patches.

e013 - unable to paste at this position

Usine can't paste grid item. The destination place is not empty

e014 - unable to export the user module

You try to export a patch which contains invalid or deleted user modules.

e015 - unable to load plugin

Impossible to load the AU or VST plugin

  • not compatible with you system version
  • you try to open a 32bits plug into a Usine 64bits, or inverse
  • the plugin doesn't exists any more in your system
e016 - a container module already exists in this patch

You can't add more than one container module in a patch.

e017 - a popup module already exists in this patch

You can't add more than one popup module in a patch.

e018 - this User Module isn't compatible with this version of Usine

You try to load an incompatible user module. User module is probably too old

e019 - send MIDI out, device not activated

You try to send MIDI to a device which is not activated in the setup/MIDI.

e020 - Send MIDI SysEx out, device not activated

You try to send SYSEX to a device which is not activated in the setup/MIDI.

e021 - invalid bar list

The bar list used in the main synchro is not valid. Wrong syntax, see the master-synchro-panel.

e022 - get index by order

internal-messages error. The object not found.

e023 - Usine busy

Internal error, this messages should not appears. Quit and restart Usine.

e024 - invalid format, not 16, 24 or 32 bits

Usine don't support 8bits or 64bits audio files.

e025 - unable to open audio file

Impossible to open the audio file. Access conflict with another application

e026 - invalid MIDIfile format (old version)

You try to open a very old MIDIfile Usine format.

e027 - UDP Sendfile

An error occurs during the transfer of a shared patch. Usine will retry later.

e028 - invalid UDP file transfer

An error occurs during the transfer of a shared patch, the file is corrupted. Usine will retry later.

e029 - additional audio i/o module not allowed in this patch

You try to put an additional-input or additional-output modules in a patch which can't receive them because it is not in a rack, generally because your patch is a device?

e030 - queue overflow in Difference Array module

Error inside the difference-array module. Your array is too big to be handled correctly

e031 - inifile locked

Internal error, this messages should not appears. Quit and restart Usine.

e032 - in call Callback procedure

Internal error, occurs in the messages loop.

e033 - audio dropout

Internal error. The workspace takes too many time to be processed. Something goes wrong.

  • endless loop in a script
  • a AU/VST plugin has crashed
  • a patch is to heavy
e034 - artnet server not active

You try to send artnet packets over the lan but artnet is not activated in the setup.

e035 - unable to send Open DMX

The OpenDMX module is not available on your system.

e036 - invalid username, password or optional key

You entered an invalid password or username to activate Usine.

e038 invalid record directory in the setup

You entered an invalid record (Direct to Disk) directory in the setup. Recording aborted.

e039 unable to get battery information's

For an unknown reason the Battery Level module can't retrieve information's.

e040 error in update joystick procedure

For an unknown reason an error occurs in the Joystick module.

e041 nothing recorded

You try to send a file by email but nothing has been recorded, so there is nothing to send.

e042 invalid mail address

You try to send a file by email but the email address is invalid.

e043 preset number doesn't exist

You try to recall a preset but the number is invalid.

e044 can't connect to

The site brainmodular is not reachable.

e201 object not found

The Script attempt get object but it's not found.

e202 object hasn't value

The Script attempt to get the value of an object which as not intrinsic value (ie. a Panel)

e045 password module already exists in the patch

Only a sigle password module can be in a patch.

e047 nothing recorded

The main recorder panel is empty.

e048 invalid password

The password you entered is invalid.

e049 invalid MSC message

The MSC message you try to send is invalid.

e050 sorry, the setup has changed

Unfortunately the old setup you want to import is not compatible with this new version.

e051 the old setup is in the same folder than the actual

You try to import a setup located in the same folder than the actual version of Usine.

e052 there was a problem when saving

Something unexpected happens during the save procedure. It ca be a dropbox-like conflict, please try again.

e053 invalid target-plot in pixel-mapper

The plot target you have chosen in the pixel mapper module is invalid, generally not activated.

e053 error downloading addon

An error occurs during the download of the addons list, you'll have to refresh the list in the addons manager.

e100 global array not found

You try to access to a global array which doesn't exist. Check its name.

e101 CRC error in global array transfer

Something's wrong happens during the transfer of global array on connected computers.

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