Tutorial : Remote control of Usine from Internet

Usine provides a simple and efficient way control the grid-panel of Usine in a web page on Internet or in a local network.

From Internet

make the remote port opened

Usine will use a web socket, on the port defined in the setup-panel-tab-network (80 by default), to communicate with the Internet web page. This port must be opened on the Usine's computer but by default your router will probably block it. The first thing to do is to add a NAT rule or enable DMZ in the router configuration to open the remote port of Usine.

activate remote control

Go in the setup-panel-tab-network and activate the enable remote control option.

Notice the remote ID string (A1WRDI in this example), which will be used for identification.

By default, the remote port is 80 but you can change it in case of conflict.

You have also the field remote control connected witch is ON when Usine is remotely connected. Note: Inside a patch you can use this field with the usine-setup-settings module to know if usine is connected.

By default the server is http://remote.brainmodular.com/ but for special applications you can change it.

launch a web page

Go to http://remote.brainmodular.com/ and enter the remote ID of the computer you want to connect to, ie. A1WRDI

The remote page doesn't work on Safari, due to an excess of protections from Apple. Use Chrome, Edge, Firefox.

Then, click on connect. If everything is ok (especially if the remote port is opened), the web page will connect to Usine and you'll be able to change the current grid position within the web page.

global information's

  • ip: Internet ip address of Usine.
  • connected: indicates the connexion state.
  • workspace: name of the workspace loaded in Usine.
  • version: version of the workspace loaded in Usine.
  • status: Status of the Usine's engine ON or OFF.
  • cpu: current cpu consumption in %.
  • memory: current used memory in Giga bytes.

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From a local Network

If you want to control Usine in a local network, it's almost the same than above, but you have to provide a response file, which is generally an html page with some javascript.

You have to enter the file location in the response file field in the setup as shown in the following screenshot:

The best tip is to use the example remote.html as starting point for the response page. The file is also available in /resources/Remote folder inside the package of Usine.

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