Main Menu Panel

The Main Menu of Usine is made of several icons located on the left-hand side of the workspace.

show start page

Toggles between start-page-panel view and workspace-panel view.

show workspace

Toggles between workspace-panel view and start-page-panel view.

show browser

Opens or closes the browser-panel to explore Usine factory files, user-created files, and personal media.

show settings

Displays or hides the settings-panel to get properties of the selected object.

show devices

Opens or closes the devices-panel to see all connected devices.

show grid

Displays or hides the grid-panel.

show IB

Displays or hides the interface-builder-panel (IB).

show inspector

Opens the inspector-panel to view some debug tools.


Activate the MIDI, OSC, and Key learn mode to assign targeted controls like knobs, faders, buttons, switches.

rec Automation

Activates/deactivates the recording of movements or actions on targeted controls like knobs, faders, buttons, switches.


Unlocks and locks the design layout of all workspace's controls. Once unlocked you can change their sizes using the handles, or move them.

full screen

Toggles Usine in full screen mode.


Changes the zoom value of the current selected panel. To change the zoom of all panels in a workspace, click before into an empty area of the workspace.

Can also be done with the mouse wheel.

reset zoom

Restores the default zoom scale. Use a single click resets the zoom for the last clicked panel, a Dbl-click resets the zoom for all panels.

show setup

Opens the setup to adjust global settings such as audio sound card, MIDI devices, Network, Plug-ins, etc.


Drag & Drop any element, directly on the trash to delete it. A left click on the Trash icon will open the trash-panel in order to restore its contents if needed.

show help

Displays or hides the Help panel. The help panel gives more information about the selected (or mouse overed) object.


Quit Usine.

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