What's new in HH6

Elevate your creative process with HH6 Usine Hollyhock! Experience seamless creation with the new Kiosk Mode, perfect for interactive installations and educational purposes. Unleash your imagination with the innovative Laser Engine and explore a plethora of new modules designed for audio, MIDI, video, etc. Enjoy a refreshed user interface for an intuitive and streamlined experience. Dive into the revolutionary Procedures for unparalleled CPU optimization and thread safety.

HH6 is your gateway to next-level show control artistry, redefining the boundaries of digital creativity.

More than 200 new features

Usine has been significantly enhanced for greater CPU efficiency, featuring a lighter and color-rich graphical user interface. This latest update includes over 200 new features, including innovative module inlets, various modules, enhanced interfaces, and more.


Procedure is a new concept introduced in HH6. Although similar to sub-patches, procedures offers many advantages.

  • they are calculated on demand, unlike sub-patches which are executed permanently, and allow a good optimization of the CPU.
  • a procedure can be defined in a patch and be called from any other patch anywhere in the workspace, eventually at the same time because they are thread-safe. This makes it possible to implement reusable code and memory optimization.
  • a procedure is by definition iterative and allows you to perform calculations, on the separate elements of an array, like a for loop would do in a traditional programming language.

Note: see Tutorial : Use Procedures

New kiosk mode

In HH6, you can transform any workspace in a stand-alone application (also called kiosk mode), to be used, for example, in teaching situations or in autonomous installations. See setup-panel-tab-kiosk. More specifically, if you do not want the user to change anything in your workspace, as it should be, for example, in interactive terminals.

Note: see Tutorial : Create Stand-Alone Application

Laser engine

Usine include a new laser engine.

Comming Soon...

Note: see Tutorial : Laser Engine

Video Mapping

Video mapping, also known as projection mapping, is a technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped, into a display surface for video projection. These objects can be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects, or theatrical stages. HH6 provides two dedicated modules for projective an euclidian mapping.

New modules

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