Video Pixel Density

Transforms a video flow into a grid of pixels density. It superimposes a grid and in each cell of the grid it counts the number of light pixels according the threshold. It also calculate the barycenter of the pixels density.

Can be used in motion detection, see /Library/Help Patches/Video/Pixel Density.pat example.


video in

Video input flow(s).

grid width

Number of rows of the grid.

grid height

Number of lines of the grid.


Pixels that have intensity (lightness) lower than the threshold are ignored.

grid density

Array containing the calculated density. Its length is grid width x grid height and can be connected to a matrix.

barycenter x

Barycenter of the pixels density on X axis (width)

barycenter y

Barycenter of the pixels density on Y axis (height)


When ON, always maintains the output density array in the range [0..1].

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